Bringing Home A Puppy

Need to Know

I wanted to share a couple of things with everyone that I love for puppies to make the transition into your home easier.

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for being so great. It makes it easier letting these puppies go when we know they have amazing families.

As we focus on producing healthy puppies, we know the food and nutrients they take in is very important. I have done a ton of research on food and supplements and feel that we are giving the best food possible. We feed all of our puppies FROMM Puppy. They are an amazing company that puts nutrition first. They offer many different flavors along with tasty, healthy treats for our precious puppies.

The puppies will be dewormed and up-to-date on vaccinations when they come to you. They will need a booster shot between 10-12 weeks. You should call and make a vet appointment for the first week your puppy is with you. That way you can establish care and make appointments for the boosters they will need. Until they have the booster, I would keep them away from any dog parks or any other place where many dogs or puppies will be. Taking them to meet people and for walks is great! It’s just a little risky taking them to a place where other dogs might be sick until they are fully vaccinated at 10-12 weeks.

I will Provied


Customized Northwood Doodles collar


A blanket with the mom’s scent






Sample of food and the Nuvet vitamins



Puppy Essentials To Get



On top of feeding the best puppy food, we start all of our puppies on NuVet Vitamins.

Nuvet is a vitamin I have started giving to the puppies. This vitamin is amazing and will give an immunity booster to your puppy. I will attach information about Nuvet if you want to read through and learn more about it. Here is a link if you want to order. The price is for a 3-month supply.



I have started the puppies on kennel training. Midwest puppy kennels make a perfect kennel for training purposes. If not Midwest, any kennel should work. I just prefer these as they have a grid and tray on the bottom just in case they have an accident. I like to start them out with the 37 by 25 by 26 size, but if you want a little bigger, you can buy the next size up and then add a separator that goes in the middle of the kennel.


Snuggle Puppy

This can be bought on Amazon or PetSmart. Snuggle Puppy is a puppy you can place in the kennel at night. It has a heartbeat and provides warmth to the puppy. This will help with any separation trouble while sleeping as it will feel like one of his/her littermates.



The rakes or dematting combs are good for grooming. I like to use this one from Menards, but any brand will work. This one is a 2 in 1 and has a Rake and a shedding tool on the back. 


Flee and Tick

Flea and Tick can’t be applied until after 8 weeks. We love the Frontline brand while they are under 6 months. After they are 6 months old, we use Bravecto. This is a chewable flea and tick that only needs to be applied once every 3 months. Our dogs use this and we never see any ticks or fleas.


Puppy beds are nice to have!

They are sleeping on little beds. I put these in the kennel at night, but they are also used to sleeping on them during the day when taking naps. I was recently referred by one of our customers to the website Foggy Doggy. They have amazing puppy beds with adorable patterns on them.


Buddy ID Microchips

I have microchipped the puppies. We use Buddy ID microchips. Once you get your puppy, you will need to register the microchip under your name. If you happen to forget, don’t worry as they are all registered under me and I will always contact you if I get a call from someone that has scanned one of my puppies and they are lost.