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Our family lives on a small farm in northern Minnesota. About 14 years ago we drove out to an old farmyard with a couple of buildings on the property. My husband instantly saw the potential and wanted to build a house. Ten months later, we had a house and fifty acres of our own. We love our farm and what better else than having a couple of dogs to enjoy it with us.

Bill & Kristin Photo

Bill & Kristin Vig

Bill stays busy throughout the year with his carpentry business. When he’s not at work, he likes to spend his time with the kids. He also enjoys hunting and fishing. He seems to never slow down. I often wish I had his energy. He has always loved dogs and told me when we first started dating he wanted to raise dogs. Years later, here we are, raising puppies.

I’m a stay-at-home mom of 4. I’m so extremely blessed to be able to stay at home while my children are growing. Even though I’m home, my kids and my dogs still keep me pretty busy each day. In my spare time, (not that I have much) I love to paint and do some wood projects in our shop. Thankfully, my husband is a carpenter and can do all the measuring and cutting for me.


Julian is our oldest at twenty-one years old. He has left the nest and has moved to the big city. He loves playing basketball and golf. Although he does not live in our home, he keeps us busy on the phone each day. 

Aliyah Vig

Aliyah is our oldest daughter at fifteen years old. She is my super helper. Anything I need, I can count on her to get the job done. She works hard at everything she does and is my perfectionist. Aliyah also loves playing basketball and being with friends whenever possible. She is my social butterfly.

Gracie Vig

Gracie is thirteen years old and is super sweet. She’s so quiet and easy-going, we hardly know she’s here. Gracie loves the puppies. She is always taking care of the puppies, playing with them, and taking pictures. When she not playing with puppies, she is out hitting the volleyball around in the backyard. 

Norah Vig

Norah is eight years old and the baby of the bunch. She brings so much joy to our family. Norah loves being with all of us and misses us when we’re gone. She is always trying to make us happy and laugh. She adores our puppies and usually has one hidden in her room.

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